Infamous Serial Killer Charles Manson Is On The Verge Of Death

(Rebel Circus)During the 1960s and 1970s, there was not a person alive who didn’t know about serial killer Charles Manson. Manson, of course, became internationally famous as the leader of the Manson Family – a hippie commune cult that eventually went on a killing spree that ended the life of actress Sharon Tate. His face was one that became inextricably linked with American serial killers, and to a lesser point, cult leadership. For the past several decades, he has been spending life in prison. Now, authorities are saying that he’s on his last breath.

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Man who chocked and kicked 9 month old gets only up to 16 years in prison

A Hurricane man appeared in court Monday afternoon for his sentencing hearing in a case that 5th District Court Judge Eric Ludlow said is one of the worst the court has seen in years.

Dakota Ross Woolsey, 25, is convicted of physically abusing his girlfriend’s 9-month-old son and will serve up to 16 years in prison for the crime.

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